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    Segway Human Transporter (HT) i Series
    by Enroute Solutions Inc.
    Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Early Adopters Pick: November 2002. World's first dynamically stabilized Human Transporter; forward and backward maneuvering guided by rider's natural motions.

    The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is a truly 21st-century idea. A two-wheeled electric vehicle that's practical, efficient, slightly miraculous, and an undeniably fun way of getting around, it's as different from a bicycle or motorcycle as the original personal computers were from their lumbering, mainframe predecessors.

    In our tests, we rode the Segway HT in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Zipping along on the little platform was so steady and comfortable, we quickly forgot how much technology was at work to keep us balanced. The Segway HT moves forward with cues from your body language--the subtle leaning you use to balance yourself while walking or running. When you lean forward, the Segway HT goes forward. A walking lean produces a walking rate, a steeper running lean can bring the machine to its top speed of 12.5 mph. The Segway HT stops when you right yourself again.

    Steering is controlled separately with a small twist-grip on the left handlebar. The Segway HT's two-wheeled design makes it quite agile--it can do sharp turns and turn completely in place. Sharper turns require slight leaning into the turns, as you'd expect, but the Segway HT helps by actively regulating turn responsiveness based on your speed. One small complaint: using a throttle-like control for turns instead of acceleration did take some getting used to, but the inconvenience was minor and went away over time.

    Overall, we were surprised how quickly we were able to get comfortable on the Segway HT. A novice can be underway in seconds (with supervision) and ascending ramps and turning figure eights in minutes. After training and a few hours of use, a rider should feel comfortable with a wide range of activities.

    The Segway HT moves briskly along on both paved and rough terrain, taking ruts and potholes bumpily but with no loss of control, even for the beginner. Modest hills were ascended with ease and without much discernable effort. All things told, the Segway HT seemed rugged enough to provide reliable transportation in pedestrian environments ranging from rural trails to the sidewalks of a congested city. And utility aside, it's worth stating that the element of machine-assisted balance was a continuous delight. We simply had more control over our movements than we previously could have imagined possible. This was particularly true on downhill rides, where our body language had a degree of command over gravity so unusual that it produced a dreamy, floating feeling.

    The Segway HT is not a medical device; if you can't easily stand upright or endure some jostling on varied terrain, it will not solve these problems for you. But while the Segway HT cannot provide balance that the rider doesn't already have, its responsiveness brings a subtle beauty to the rider's movements. We watched more experienced riders start, stop, swoop, and turn as gracefully as figure skaters. In fact, the machine's ease of use could create some overconfidence. The Segway HT has not suspended the laws of physics--its wheels need traction. While the machine will keep itself level under almost any situation we could imagine, a careless rider who drops a wheel over a curb, or tries to turn too quickly on a slippery surface, certainly could take a tumble. Segway advises that riders wear a safety helmet (like a bicycle helmet) and start out in the Beginner mode before moving on to the faster settings.

    User-Friendly Design
    The Segway HT's controls are simple. A single round display on the handlebars shows either a smiley face (meaning "get on") or a frown face ("get off"). A graphic surrounding the face indicates the battery level. The Segway has no brakes--slowing down involves the same process as acceleration--and its gentle rate precludes any need for a speedometer. We timed its startup speed from the off position to ready to ride: pressing an encrypted "key" to the key port (the key looks like a large watch battery on a plastic fob), hitting the start button, and waiting for the smiley face to come up took a little more than one second.

    This machine is clearly designed for close interaction with pedestrians. Its footprint is only a bit wider than a large man, so we were able to do things like ride comfortably in an elevator with another Segway HT rider and a pedestrian, with an almost disappointing lack of bustle or incident. The machine can haul 75 pounds of cargo and still support a 250-pound person, though you'll need touse the HT's soon-to-come mounted accessory bags for any serious buying trip.

    Having ridden a Segway HT, we think almost anyone would be delighted to try this machine. Inevitably, however, one must ask about how usable it is. Clearly, it isn't a car: it won't carry multiple passengers or much luggage, go long distances, or protect you from the elements. Still, we thought of many circumstances where the Segway HT could be a fun and practical alternative to other modes of transportation. We can see potential users as regular folks traveling to and from work each day, students and professors in college towns, city dwellers who take many short trips, retirees in Sunbelt resort communities, vacationers traveling with RVs, and people with easy access to nature trails and walkways.

    Well-Built Construction
    We had the opportunity to look into the guts of the Segway HT in its pre-assembled state. Inside it was clean and simple, and the few moving parts, such as the gears, struck us as rugged and well made. There are no cooling fans; the circuits and engine are cooled through their contact with the platform's heat-drawing aluminum casing. Each finished HT is tested both at the software level and for quality riding on an obstacle course in the assembly plant. See the technical specifications for more information.

    We're convinced that anyone who tries a Segway HT will be smiling in minutes. The other advantage is that early purchasers will certainly be the first on their blocks to have one. But for how long? We think we'll all be seeing much more of the Segway HT in the future. --Erik Hammen


    • Very high build quality
    • Environmentally friendly, extremely energy efficient
    • Requires little storage space
    • Newness factor--you've never ridden anything like this before
    • Fun to ride, and looks cool


    • Purchase price may be prohibitive for many potential users, though the cost is partially offset long term by nominal upkeep
    • Laws regarding legal riding areas (sidewalk versus street) vary from state to state
    • Minor inconvenience: rubber plug-in protectors on the machines seemed a bit loose, flopping around a bit on the more rigorously used machines, inconsistent with generally excellent build standards
    • Accessories, like carrying bags and lights, will not be available until spring 2003

    From the Manufacturer
    The Segway Human Transporter is the first transportation product to stand, balance, and move in the same way we do. It harnesses a unique technology called "dynamic stabilization"--the result of more than a decade of research, development and testing, and tens of thousands of hours in field trials--to constantly monitor and balance the Segway HT and rider.

    The Segway HT allows riders to travel short distances in dense environments that would be prohibitive to other transportation devices. An amazingly elegant design makes the Segway HT a part of you, sensing subtle changes in your balance and responding immediately. The Segway HT has a level of maneuverability never before seen on wheels--it can balance in place, move forwards and backwards, and turn in place.

    Purchase of a Segway HT includes a training session on its operation and features, in order to properly prepare a new rider for safe and enjoyable operation of this new technology.

    See Segway HT Advantages.

    About This Offer
    Because of the unique and revolutionary nature of the Segway Human Transporter, we advise you to read Segway's Purchase, Safety, and Ownership Guidelines when considering placing a deposit. The guidelines describe the terms and conditions of sale, the product warranty, and the details of the Segway HT Early Delivery Contest. Also, the guidelines will help you understand any restrictions or regulations relating to its use in your state. After placing your deposit for the Segway HT, you will receive an e-mail from Amazon.com on behalf of Segway that has the contest entry form. ... Read more


    • World's first dynamically stabilized, self-balancing Human Transporter
    • Forward and backward maneuvering is guided by rider's natural motions
    • Easily navigates most walkable areas, including paved surfaces, dirt roads, grass, and inclines
    • Emissions free, powered by rechargeable NiMH battery packs
    • Fun to ride--a unique experience
    Reviews (104)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Pure transport JOY!
    Let me tell you, there is no better way for a human to be transported than the Segway Human Transporter.I was getting tired of walking on my legs, then I got an iSeries Human Transporter for my birthday.That day changed my life.I now can have any girl I want and have made millions on the stock market.How many human tensporters can do that for you?

    There are many fake Human Transporters out there.This is the only Human Transporter that will fulfill all of your wildest dreams.

    Keep an eye for the Segway Rocketpack Humanoid Flying Modulus.It is in the near future.

    4-0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Tour + Toy but...
    It's not very functional.

    I had the opportunity to tour Chicago downtown on one of the city architecture tours with segways for about three hours. I can't tell you how giddy I was to get on one. I had seen policemen patrolling around parks and airport with them. It took me about two minutes to get into the balance of it. The controls were very intuitive and easy to use. The whole system is sorta dummy proof. It shuts down itself if you get off it, it refuses to go past a certain speed limit (in fact, almost pushing you off of it after you reach a certain point), and it can stop on a dime.

    After using it for a couple hours and after reading a couple reviews here, I have to agree- the segway isn't really intended for more than an expensive toy. It's not comparable to a mopeg or a bike. Our tour was about two hours and half long and at the end of it, my battery was almost at its end. We only went around the Lakefront and to Millenium Park and back to the Adler Planeterium, a mere area of a couple miles. And our batteries were dangerously low. The only way I can see myself using a Segway in an every day environment is if I happened to live like ten minutes from work. Past that, and the segway is pretty much a waste. It would take too long to charge and too expensive to replace the battery for it to be cost-effective. I could take a bus, train, or even bike to a destination for cheaper and faster.

    This is not a rip on the Segway technology. I just think the machine isn't made to be very functional. On our ride around the parks, I noticed how poorly it performed on uneven ground (gravel, water, grass). Every little bump was almost a thud when I crossed them. I had to be watch out for cracks and crevices when riding it. Things I wouldn't have done if I was riding a bike. This is all based on my experience with the iSeries. I haven't used the rugged version of the Segway and can imagine it would be better but at a thousand more, it's kinda a moot point.

    Overall, I'm glad I got a chance to ride a Segway. I was dying to try one. I couldn't contain the smile I had, as I zoomed past staring strangers and an embarassed girlfriend. But, I couldn't see myself buying one, even though, I work and live in downtown Chicago.

    5-0 out of 5 stars This human transporter is alright by me
    Well, let me be the first to tell you that The Segway Human Transporter is a wonderful innovation. I'd been waiting a good while for a quality human transporter, and finally, I felt my waiting had paid off. This baby hit the market, I quickly dished out the 5K needed, and the transporting began. Everything was great, laziness was at an all time high, I really felt like the future was now. "Look at me and my transporter" I'd shout, then I'd turn and mumble to myself, "You fools and your walking and non-space age way of transporting." Life was peachy. Then it came, my boss, Gargon IV, said there was a dilemma on the planet Xaoton 99. I was all over it. I had my Segway transport me, (bet you didn't know it was capable of galactic transport) all the way to Xaoton, with the Segway making the trip quite comfortable and relaxing. I arrived at Xaoton and things were all messed up. I soon found myself in a sticky situation, but it was nothing that the Segway couldn't get me out of. Things got ugly. To make a long story short, the Segway overcame a highly advanced Xaotion army with highly highly evolved technology and all kinds of super high tech lazer guns. So the planet of Xaoton 99 came to peace in the end and everyone was happy

    And boy was I glad that my knees didn't catch a lazer because I just wouldn't look as cool anymore on my Segway without the lower half of my legs. The Segway is an amazing improvement in human transporting, it's amazing we can look ahead to the wonderful world of hover transporters travelling warp 10. The Segway Human Transporter is a great start, now lets keep the ball rolling.
    ... Read more

    Asin: B00007EPJ6
    Subjects:  1. Computerized cart; iseries;Two-wheeled platform; ht;h t;    2. Motorcart; Motion machine ;htiseries;Standing vehicle; transport    3. segwue; sague; sigue; sigway;sigwey;thingy;transportation    4. i-167; dean; kamen; kaamen; kaman;deka; first;167;    5. invention; new;self-balancing;travel;navigate;eye167;pedestrian   

    PCS Phone Hitachi G1000 (Sprint)
    by Sprint
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    Wireless Phone
    list price: $649.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • The first Pocket PC with a built-in mini keyboard
    • Color display with 65,536 colors (240x320 pixels)
    • Features large touchscreen for easy usability
    • Built-in swivel camera always you to take pictures
    • Operating system: Pocket PC Phone Edition (400 MHz Intel Xscale Processor / 32 MB RAM)
    Reviews (15)

    1-0 out of 5 stars So far...NOT so good...
    I've had this thing for 3 days so far, & spent most of today at the SPRINT PCS service center trying to get this monster working properly! I wish I would've read some of these reviews first! After going through 3 Handspring Treo 600's in 9 months,(No joke! 2 broken ear speakers & 1 bad OS) I thought that this would be a Godsend. After spending the better part of today at the service center, I was told that they would have to send me another phone! I immediately asked if it would be a reconditioned phone, & was told "YES"...but it will still have a SIX month warrantee. My 3 day old phone came with a ONE YEAR WARRANTEE! I said absolutely not!
    After much back & forth, I got them to agree to provide with a brand new unit of any manufacturer & price of MY choice when the new line of phones came out this fall. ...& yes, I got it in writting! Dealing with them, or ANY carrier for that matter is at very best difficult. If you can keep your cool, & keep "pressing in", you'll eventually come across someone who has the ability to say "YES", when all others have said no. Keep in mind that you don't need to take "NO" from anyone who can't tell you "YES". Good luck! (& wish me luck too! LOL!)

    4-0 out of 5 stars this phone is ok but sprint really sucks
    i love the hitachi g1000 but it still has problems like every other phone, it is really difficult to get new ringers because the plan that i am on doesnt support it and it lasts only a day but it still is a kickass phone i wouldnt get the trio and i would go with this phone i had to call sprint tech support a bunch of times first it was about the internet and then i called about the msn messenger thing and that was a pain in the ass they kept on sending me to retards that didnt know anything and the pethedic part about it is that is sprints best phone and when you talk on it you look really dumb

    1-0 out of 5 stars Glitz on the outside Piece of crap on the inside
    I just replaced my second one of these. This second one never worked correctly but I didnt have time to take it in. It wasnt refurbished either. First off the OS needs to be upgraded but Hitachi is to cheap to authorize it. Let me tell you also that sprint is the worst cell company I've ever dealt with. (...) I wish I had time to go over all the problems with this phone. The only good thing about this thing if your interested is that everyone thinks your a star with this thing screw that I want something that last more than 2 months. Not to mention the camera sucks also ... Read more

    Asin: B0000AYZIM
    Sales Rank: 2799
    Subjects:  1. Sprint PCS Wireless Web    2. Web Enabled Internet WAP Browser Surf   

    Nokia 3650 Phone (T-Mobile)
    by Nokia
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Wireless Phone
    list price: $199.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Sporting a large, 4,096-color display screen and an unconventional, rotary-style keypad, we found the sturdy, feature-rich Nokia 3650 cell phone one of the best designed phones on the market, with excellent ease-of-use, crystal-clear reception, and a camera, video camera, and Internet access.

    Take and share pictures with the 3650.
    (See detail)
    In our tests, we found that the comfortable rounded base of this 5-inch phone rested easily our palm, and the clever retro button display took only a moment of getting used to. The buttons and disc navigation felt quite durable, with a nice, solid action. Menu navigation involves two thin buttons on the top left and right that allowed us to move in and out of menus; then the standard 4-point clickable disc provided more detailed selection. There's a separate button for the main menu prominently below the disc, and the faux-rotary layout of the number buttons helped keep the navigation buttons out of the way during dialing. The requisite call and hang-up buttons are intuitively marked, and a futuristic-looking blue light shines through the numbers on all the buttons for easy keying in low-light areas.

    The 3560 delivered consistent, excellent reception in a variety of testing environments, including a basement-level room that typically causes trouble with similar phones. The default ring tones were a bit too gentle for their own good; they were hard to hear in busy outdoor environments. The tones that we created using the composing feature, however, were quite audible, even in the midst of lots of noise. The vibrate alert was also quite effective and hard to miss. Nokia has also preloaded a variety of other polyphonic ring tones for alternate use, as well as a voice-dialing feature, which stores 25 numbers and was easy to use.

    In Calendar, you can keep track of your appointments, meetings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events. You can also set a calendar alarm to remind you of upcoming events.
    (See detail)
    With the video recorder you can record video clips, and play video clips stored on your phone or on a memory card. Also, the video recorder is integrated with the messaging features allowing you to easily send created clips.
    (See detail)
    Nokia 3650 provides various functions, in an-easy-to use interface, such as Camera, Video recorder, Messaging, e-mail, Clock, alarm clock, Calculator, and Calendar.
    (See detail)

    Thanks to high-speed GPRS connection, users can access a variety of Web content, such as news, travel information, and entertainment specifically designed for mobile phones via an XHTML browser, which supports pages written in both HTML and WML (Wireless Markup Language). The 3650's calendar, phone book, and to-do list can all be synchronized with a PC using Nokia 3650 PC Suite software. This phone also supports Java for downloading business applications, and built-in Bluetooth and infrared connections empower users to send photos and text in either e-mail or MMS format to a PC or to another compatible wireless device. Some of the downloadable Java and Symbian applications provided by Nokia through their website include Merriam-Webster Word Search, and games like Racing Fever, Avant Go, and Terminator.

    The phone's digital VGA camera is cleverly built in to the back of phone, and can store up to 1,000 photos at 640 x 480 megapixel resolution on its (upgradeable) 16 MB memory card. Also, the Nokia 3650's photo capability is immediately accessible from the top-level display menu, so unlike other phones it was easy to snap a photo at a moment's notice. The camera records images in standard, portrait, and a nighttime mode.

    With the same basic set of controls, RealOne software lets the video recording function capture short, low-fidelity sound and video clips for immediate MP4 video playback on the generous screen or for sending to another Web-enabled user. The 15-frames-per-second video recording rate delivers stuttering, delayed images that look sort of like Neil Armstrong's transmissions from the Moon. We found this all very entertaining, and potentially useful for transmitting small bits of information, but hard to take seriously as a true video recording device.

    Among the scores of additional features on this phone are text messaging templates, where you create a basic message (like "Let's eat at --- ") then fill in the blank as you wish; a foreign currency and units converter for the jet set crowd, and a "favorites" folder to store Web shortcuts and links. For hearing-impaired customers, Nokia even provides TTY/TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) compatibility. The headset included with this phone is functional, and Li-Ion battery comes rated for up to 4 hours of digital talk and 200 hours of digital standby time. The phone comes with a refreshingly well-written manual. While decorative faceplates and other accessories are available, we found that even without them, the Nokia 3650 is one of the most coolest phones we've ever laid our hands on. --Erik Hammen


    • Great reception
    • Excellent, intuitive user interface
    • Feature-rich
    • Solid build and large display screen
    • Fun camera and video features


    • Large phone size to accommodate large display screen
    • Default ring tones a bit quiet.

    How We Tested Battery Talk/Standby Time

    When reading our reviews, you should view the test results of mobile-phonebattery talk time and standby time as relative information only. Many variables,including carrier signal strength at your location, signal consistency(including incoming and outgoing calls), display and ringer settings, andbattery charging methods and history, will affect performance. When handsetmanufacturers and mobile phone carriers list talk-time and standby-time ratings,they usually include disclaimers about variable performance and often refer tothe times they publish as maximum times. Some quote expected battery liferanges, and in this case you're probably safe to assume you'll experience atleast the minimum rated range. Note that manufacturers of dual-mode digital andanalog handsets publish battery-life rates for both digital and analog modes, asanalog mode consumes much more power than digital mode.

    Our Tests: We tested digital-mode talk and standby times with each phone.Prior to each test, we fully charged the phone's battery according to themanufacturer's directions. To test digital-phone talk time, we turned the phoneon, established a digital carrier signal, dialed a number in our test lab, and,when the call rang through, took the receiving phone's handset off the hook.When all went well, we didn't do anything else except record the time when thephone died. In a couple of cases, the phones lost the signal and dropped thecalls. If we were right there and could redial, we did so immediately andcontinued running the test. Otherwise, we halted the test, recharged thebattery, and started the test over. Assuming consistent carrier-signal strength,this test should represent best-case talk time. And it's worth noting thatseveral phones' talk-time performance significantly exceeded the manufacturers'ratings.

    To test digital-phone standby time, we turned the phone on, established acarrier signal, and left the phone in standby mode. We checked the phone everyfew hours (for what was often days on end) until the phone finally cut out.Since no outgoing or incoming calls occurred during testing and because thephone was not moved, this method should represent best-case standby time, againassuming consistent carrier signal strength.

    ... Read more


    • Wireless phone with integrated video/digital camera
    • 3.4 MB on board storage, MultiMediaCard expansion slot
    • Oversized display for MP4 video playback
    • High-speed internet access, supports Java-based downloads
    • Integrated Bluetooth connectivity for data transmission to other Bluetooth devices
    Reviews (310)

    5-0 out of 5 stars ITS THE BOMB
    i got this phone feb 28 2005 so far i no problems with the phone. camera is great .a litte big but not too big .the the keypad the bomb and the is screen is large. its has mp3 if u get the software for it

    large screen
    loud speker

    litte big.

    4-0 out of 5 stars I had this phone for 2 years and loved it!
    This phone is a little clunky, but wonderful! The symbian operating system makes this phone infinitely expandable. Some of the programs you can download and install include: eBook readers (to download and read books from the New York Public Library, for instance), remote control software (to control your TV through infrared or your computer through bluetooth), game emulators (I had hours of fun playing games with a game boy emulator).

    The operating system supports multitasking, so you can switch back between a phone call and an ebook without ever quitting either program... so you can turn the speakerphone on, and play a game while you're on hold. I grew to like the circular orientation of the number pad... while confusing at first, it made sense after a while.

    Also, since the phone's PIM synced up with my Mac (via iSync), I never had to type a phone number or email address into the phone, which made for speedy usage.

    The more advanced nature of the phone's operating system makes it prones to crashing. If a program isn't coded correctly or it crashes, this phone is prone to go into a "reboot loop", where the phone can't start anymore, and the only remedy is to take it back to T-Mobile or Nokia through the warranty. Meaning, if a program crashes your phone (which happened 3 times over 2 years to me), you have to get the phone replaced. Not good. So make sure you have a carrier with EXCELLENT customer service (like T-Mobile, as opposed to Cingular or Sprint).

    Overall, I loved the phone, and the benefits far outweighed the costs.

    5-0 out of 5 stars Bluetooth works great
    I have had this phone for almost a year now.It is one very dependable phone.Just got the chance to use it's Bluetooth capabilites.Paired it up with an IBM laptop with Bluetooth to use as a modem when WiFi is not available.The Bluetooth works great!I use it with T-Mobile and took it with me to Europe on vacation.Worked great! ... Read more

    Asin: B00009J5VV
    Subjects:  1. Nakia Nokea   

    Jabra FreeSpeak Bluetooth Headset for Bluetooth-Equipped Phones
    by Jabra
    Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars
    Wireless Phone Accessory
    list price: $99.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Headset works with all Bluetooth-equipped phones
    • Extremely lightweight design with flexible wraparound style
    • Hands free, cord free headset works up to 30 feet away from phone
    • An answer/end button supports voice activation
    • Includes headset, power cord, and extra ear fittings
    Reviews (36)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Jabra ROCK!
    I bought this BT200 for my Nokia 3660...the reason being i'm fed-up with nokia's HDW-2...3hr talk time promised,but didn't come up to the promise.PERIOD
    Then i was tempted to changed to the HDW-3(with 5 hrs talktime)..but it blew me off with the price...
    Then bump into this so called renown Jabra for the PERFECT earpiece...it took me awhile to think about it...so i bought it...it was really great...i could talk through walls....it was even more than 10 meters that i had talked once...but one sad day...i bumped into my friend and it fell,it was making attitudes(getting soft on the volume,frequent dropped calls) to me after that...i went back to jabra...told them some grandpa&tales stories and they changed it for me(2nd headset)....but the second set was a failure...it was static all the way...dropped calls and it kept asking for my password...then i went again....got another one changed fer me again(3th headset).....this time everythings perfect except that its having high levels of static with my 3660....
    Disappointed..i went back again(4th headset)...this time they gave me a PERFECT ONE....no Cons at all!

    It took me to changed it 3 times before i got to the PERFECT one...so in total,i tested 4 headset fer JABRA.....

    I gave a 5 star for the services that Jabra Personnel gave me...
    And 5 stars for the last PERFECT Bluetooth headset they gave me....

    Overall i'm satisfied...No battery problems fer me....i charge it everyday....Sound quality is V.GOOD,rare static case,good reception fer my voice fer the other party to hear...and you can wear it and forget about it!Till i nearly wore it in my helmet!

    Thanks Jabra!I love it!Juz improve on the software/battery and it will work WONDERS as a PERFECT BLUETOOTH HEADSET EVER!!

    5-0 out of 5 stars Smooth!
    Cellphone give me headaches, I talk allot, this thing, sits in your ear, and when you do it right, it puts no pressure on any parts of you ear. one time i was talking with this girl in the handsfree in my bed, i talked for like3/4 hours, eventually i hung up, and forgot to take it off before i went to sleep, thats how comfy it is. anwyay, long story short, i wear this thing in my car, and at home, but not in public, its too futuristic and i think anybody standing next to me yakking away on this thing is a jerk, and i dont want to be a hypocrit ;)

    battery life is great, as long as you don't leave it for long periods turned on, turn it off because else it will roam and waste battery

    5-0 out of 5 stars Best heaset on the market
    Long known for their innovative and diverse headsets, the BT200 FreeSpeak is their first Bluetooth headset (www.jabra.com). This is the oddest headset you will ever see.At first, it's difficult to picture how it goes on your ear.You quickly get past this, however, and find that the Jabra goes on with just one hand.This is the most comfortable headset I have ever used, and even did some handyman work around the house for a few hours with it on, and hardly noticed it was there.The ergonomics are excellent, and the sound quality is good, with adjustable volume controls.The FreeSpeak supports the Hands-Free Bluetooth profile, and all the features, like voice dialing, work.The downside is that it takes about five seconds after you turn it on before it connects with the Nokia 3650.This is a problem with the Nokia, though, as other phones are much quicker, like the Motorola V600.After a few minutes of non-use, the 3650 will cut the connection, and you'll have to re-establish it to use the headset.There is no such problem with the V600.The V600 has it's own set of problems, though, like causing a crackling noise in the FreeSpeak.It's the V600, because you don't hear it with other phones.I quickly got used to it, but you'll have to determine how great an issue this is for you.You can leave the FreeSpeak on all day, as the standby time is rated at 96 hours, and typical talk time is 3 hours.Be sure to get a car charger, which is now easily and inexpensively available on ebay.Be aware that the lithium polymer battery is not user replaceable, and you have to return it to the factory after the battery finally dies in about two years.The non-replaceable battery is the only thing I didn't like about the Jabra BT200. ... Read more

    Asin: B0000TR77U
    Sales Rank: 1037
    Subjects:  1. Hands Free Handsfree Headset Earpiece Head Set Ear Piece   

    Wherify Wireless GPS Personal Locator Watch for Children (Blue)
    by Wherify Wireless
    Average Customer Review: 2.0 out of 5 stars
    Electronics (22 June, 2003)
    list price: $199.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    The miniaturized, wrist-worn Wherify GPS Locator combines global position ing system (GPS) and digital wireless technologies to offer a proven safety solution that gives you the ability to locate your children 24 hours a day. Parents, whether at work, home, or traveling, can use the Internet or telephone to identify their children's location to within several feet in about a minute. In the event of an emergency, either the child or parent can contact emergency services and local police will be dispatched.

    When you request a "locate," Wherify's Location Service Center sends a wireless transmission to the device. It zeroes in on the optimal GPS satellites and determines its latitude and longitude. With those coordinates, your child's position is pinpointed with advanced mapping software, providing you an approximate street address (if available). You can choose between two formats when using the Internet: a standard street map or a custom aerial photo.

    The locator operates on a nationwide PCS (CDMA) wireless network, and it must be operated within the coverage footprint for communication to occur. See the Wherify Web site, www.wherify.com, for coverage information.

    This package contains the Wherify GPS watch, a key fob, a battery charger, a user's guide, and a quick start guide. Requires a monthly service plan (options range from $19.95 to $44.95 per month). ... Read more


    • Built-in pager; safety lock prevents removal; water- and cut-resistant
    • Portable wristwatch GPS locator for keeping track of children
    • Identifies wearer's location by Internet or telephone within several feet
    • Coordinates with 911 emergency response for added safety
    • Choice of street map or custom aerial photo formats
    Reviews (9)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Don't get ripped off!!!!
    I was so excited that I would now be able to know my son was safe.No sooner did he go outside to play did the batteries go dead.I then put in on charge for 12 hours and it was dead in 4 hours.What good is that?I also found out that it doesn't work inside buildings and some cars.Again, what good is this device?Why market a device that won't perform?Think of what happens in a kidnapping.You won't be able to find them.1) The battery will be dead. 2) They will be tied up in someone's house.
    If you have money to burn and would like to buy a product to store in your attic, buy this.If you love your kids, you won't buy this.Giving yourself and your kids a false sense of security is an abomination.

    1-0 out of 5 stars completely useless
    PLEASE, please, prospective customers, believe all the negative feedback you see on this page. This product is COMPLETELY USELESS. I live in a big city, definitely in the supposed 'service area'. I only managed to locate the device once, in about 20 attempts. Call me old-fashioned, but I'd like to foil more than one in 20 kidnapping attempts. The company says the product is fine, although admits that service might sometimes be unreliable in 'built-up areas'. Don't most of us live in built-up areas? Nobody tells you any of this before you buy the damn thing of course. The website demo is all very impressive, but it never works like that, believe me! I'm not even going to mention the sure-to-break-within-a-month 'key fob' that controls the whole device. Don't buy it. It doesn't work. And you'll never get your money back.

    2-0 out of 5 stars Not ready.
    It's a shame that this product doesn't work as well as the hype.In todays world, we are cornered in fear from the media (thanks guys) and here is a device that is supposed to relieve a big portion of that fear.Well, like some other here, I too got let down.This device is a good version .9 but I returned it and will wait for something better.The battery life is the biggest problem.It doesn't make it through the whole day and something this important should last much longer. I feel real sorry for the people that dropped $400 for these things last year... ... Read more

    Asin: B00007E9AZ

    Fossil Wrist Net Smart Watch for MSN Direct (FX3002) Dick Tracy
    by Fossil
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    list price: $89.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    It's a great idea, and, for the most part a great product: a watch that keeps time with atomic clock accuracy and displays useful, timely information. The Smart Watch gives you stock prices, news, and weather, and personal messages, all right on your watch face. You get all that stuff on your cell phone already, right? But the idea of the Smart Watch though is that it offers this information in glanceable form, and on a device that is always at hand. Simplicity and unobtrusiveness are key--you can rapidly navigate through all the different types of information quickly, and immediately read your text messages the moment they arrive with a discreet little beep.

    MSN Direct is the subscription service that broadcasts data to the Smart Watch via an FM signal. The first thing you have to do when you get your watch is set up an account and customize your information channels. It's a fairly quick process, though you have to jump through a few Microsoft hoops (like getting a .NET Passport). Immediate gratification junkies should be warned, however, that you most likely won't start getting any data until about 12 or more hours after set up. Also, the channels are very much a work in progress--the news I was getting initially had a random quality to it, but more recently the watch's timeliness has compared favorably with CNN.com in breaking major stories.

    Information delivered to your watch includes:

    Stock quotes: Get updates on the stocks you care about, as well as information on the major high-volume stocks and indices. News: Get headlines and the full text of local, national, international, business, entertainment, sports, health, and travel news stories.
    Time: Wrist Net watches display the current time, automatically updated for different time zones, and include a chronometer, an alarm, and a timer. You can choose from a wide variety of watch faces for just the right look.Weather: Get the latest reports for cities all over the world. Local city weather information includes current conditions, a three-day forecast, sunrise and sunset information, humidity, barometric pressure, and ultraviolet (UV) index.
    Text messages: Receive messages from friends and family through MSN Messenger version 6.0 or later. Sports: Continuous sports updates keep consumers current on game times, scores, pre- and post-game stories, and standings for their favorite collegiate and professional sports teams.
    Daily Diversions: Currently, consumers can select from Word of the Day, Quote of the Day, Born on This Day, and This Day in History. Horoscope: Consumers can receive a personalized horoscope based on their specific time and place of birth.

    The need to recharge frequently--a single charge will last two to seven days, depending on usage--has some users unhappy, but for me it is a non-issue. You charge the watch by simply placing it on its cradle, so if you set the cradle up wherever you stash the watch at night, the watch will always be charged.

    There are a few real drawbacks, however, most prominent (literally) being the size of the watch, which is on the humongous side of fashionably chunky. Another downer is the strap which is hard to close and, since it contains the watch's antenna, tends to spring open. The most serious complaint however is that reception can be sporadic--there were entire days that I got no new data at all. When MSN Direct improves service--and it has shown signs of doing so since the watch launched--they will have a truly revolutionary product on their hands (and the nation's wrists). --David Stoesz


    • Geek factor is through the roof
    • Intuitive navigation
    • Recharging is a snap


    • It's HUGE
    • Coverage can be sporadic
    • Strap is unwieldy
    ... Read more


    • Syncs up with your Outlook calendar
    • Stocks, news, personal messages, and more--delivered wirelessly to your watch
    • One of the first devices to use MSN Direct, a wireless subscription service
    • Automatically updates to the correct local time when you travel
    • Customizable data channels and watch faces
    Reviews (5)

    3-0 out of 5 stars Great watch for the big kid in you!But dont depend on it!
    The Dick Tracy watch is the coolest big kid toy around.If you always wanted a Dick Tracy watch well here is the first generation Dick Tracy watch.Its cool but not perfect.Text messaging takes 7-10 minutes to receive.Some messages NEVER arrive and are lost in transit.So for the business man that needs to depend on text messages...maybe not the best choice.The calender on watch is very limited.This to me is a big disappointment.It only holds limited info for yesterday, today and the next 6 days...so if you want to use it to check on your appointment 8 days from now ...forget it!Very limited! But if you just want to be the coolest gadget guy/girl around and you think owning a Dick Tracy watch is cool.Buy it just don't depend on it.The news, stocks, and weather seem to work well.Also at this time the service area is very limited so if you dont live in a big city like me...you may want to skip this gadget. The charging adapter is cool and unique.You just rest the watch on it and it charges automatically.Another problem is the wristband YOU CANT CHANGE IT even if you want to.It's connected to the antenna and charging device so it can never be changed...if it breaks you gotta go to Fossil for replacement.

    3-0 out of 5 stars Cool looking - but Timex Internet Messenger watch better
    These watches are cool looking - but having to recharge your watch every 3 to 7 days seems like a pain. Timex has has the Internet Messenger Watch for a couple of years. Does all the same things - stock quotes, weather, your horoscope, sports, very customizable. Also - can send reminders. Does basically all the same things - the battery lasts a lot longer. Unfortunately they have been discontinued. When you bought the watch for $100 you also got a free year of nationwide service that worked pretty much everywhere with Skytel. You got an 800with your own voicemail, and unlimited text messages.While these watches might look cool - they're more expensive and aren't really doing much new - plus coverage is a lot less limited. The Timex was was also an Ironman - waterproof - not sure if these are... It's funny how they play the technology as something new - but it's been around for several years now.

    5-0 out of 5 stars The first computer-data watch I will actually keep using
    First, I have to admit I am an incurable early adopter and gadget lover. But, regardless of that bias, I have to say this watch reaches a new level of usefulness (and coolness). (And no, I don't work for Microsoft or Fossil.) I have tried several other watches in the past that offered data storage and synching with PC data, either through a cable or through an infrared connection.I gave them up within days as clunky and impractical.With this watch, though, I can put it on, and (once the MSN Direct account was activated, which was easy)I can forget about it until I want to check the news, weather, stock quotes, time, calendar, etc.I don't have to take any steps such as dialing a cell phone to get the news; I just press a button and get headlines, and more of the story with another press.The functioning is quite user-friendly and intuitive; I have spent very little time with the reference manual.The radio signal has been fine inside my office building downtown, and I was easily able to send myself a text message from MSN.The subscription price is very reasonable. I don't mind at all sticking the watch on the charger every night; the instructions say there's no "memory" effect, so it's OK to charge it before the battery runs down.

    There have been some problems.The watch band is a little clumsy to manipulate, but it's manageable, and works OK with a little effort.The watch is a little big for my wrist, but after a couple of weeks I'm used to it, and it feels fine.The worst problem was that, after about a week, the watch stopped receiving the time signal or any data.I made numerous calls to MSN Direct tech support, and got through to them quickly, but they were unable to solve the problem.I think they were trying, but evidently were located somewhere halfway around the world, and had only minimal suggestions to make.Finally, with one quick call to Fossil, I found that the problem was that the metal band was not completely snapped together, and that the antenna therefore was not functioning.I don't recall seeing any mention of that issue in the documentation, which is not very thorough.Anyway, now it's working again with no problems.

    All in all, this is the type of product I have been waiting for.Having all this information so easily available on my wrist is, in my mind, a quantum leap forward in useful (and fun) technology.Maybe not everyone cares about having the exact time, brief weather information, and news headlines on their wrist, but if you do, you should appreciate this watch. The text messaging only allows a small number of words; so tell your friends to be brief!

    The bottom line is, it works, the service is not expensive, and it seems to be very reliable, at least in the Washington, DC metro area. ... Read more

    Asin: B000153ZXI

    Abacus Wrist PDA with Palm OS - Sport
    by Abacus
    list price: $179.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    This is the world's first wrist PDA, delivering all the advanced features of the PALM OS. As the brain of most handheld devices and smart phones, PALM OS has enabled the mobile-minded to extend their life well beyond the desktop. Now, with the new Wrist PDA, you can take that life even further: The Wrist PDA represents the ultimate in personal data portability, delivering the power and functionality of the familiar PALM OS in a compact, stylish package. Also available in metal.

    Features include:

    • PALM OS 4.1
    • Touch screen input, with a stylus integrated into the watch band for easy Graffiti input.
    • 2 MB of flash memory for OS.
    • Additional 2 MB for storing data and applications
    • Customizable watch face: You can configure the time display of your choice when not in PDA mode.
    • Intelligently designed buttons for easy navigation.
    • Motorola DragonballVZ 33-MHz processor.
    • An infrared port for beaming data.
    • Compact, sporty, stylish design.
    • 160 x 160, 1.4-inch diagonal, backlit, 16-level grayscale display.

    What's in the box

    • Wrist PDA
    • HotSync Pod
    • USB cable
    • AC adapter
    • Extra stylus
    • Installation CD
    • Getting Started Guide
    ... Read more


    • What's in the box: Wrist PDA, HotSync Pod, USB cable, AC adapter, extra stylus, installation CD, Getting Started Guide
    • Backlit 1.4" diagonal screen with 16-level grayscale display
    • Appointments, address storage, memos, and all the other benefits of the PALM OS
    • 2 MB memory, enough for thousands of addresses, years of appointments, and much more
    • Touch screen input, with an intergrated stylus

    Asin: B00009IO8W

    Deschooling Society: Social Questions
    by Marion Boyars Publishers
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Paperback (01 March, 1999)
    list price: $12.95 -- our price: $10.36
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (5)

    5-0 out of 5 stars Deschooling Society by Creating Learning Communites.
    Illich's goal was society not schools.He saw schools as perpetuating the status quo.This, and his other books, promotied living a convivial life.This is, one in harmonious collaboation with other people.Schooling, whether state, free, or home schooling, removes young peole from their families, their community, society and nature.Illich was for living convivially and simply in the "vernacular."That is withfriends, community and the actual world that surrounds you and with the natural abilities with which you are endowed.
    That is the kind of life promoted today by the book "Creating Learning Communities," Ron Miller, ed.

    5-0 out of 5 stars When Very Few of the Powers-that-Be Agree With You....
    ....and the 'Important People' of the world refuse to listen to you, you *must* be telling the truth.

    Illich died this month. Maybe someone will come along and champion some of his many ideas and causes. But some of the things he has been talking about--the structuring of education in this world is ineffective for actual learning, but is designed for the maintaining of class strata, and that the rich gets the best schooling because they pay for it (not saying that they are exceptionally talented or intellectual or anything more than mediocre) has been debated for years and will be debated for years. Subtexted to his arguments is that the rich needs the poor to help define themselves. And any time 'the institution'
    gets fired up about improving the conditions for the mass culture, it end up achieving the opposite effect, as the reviewer below noted. To me, this is reminescent of those two dystopia novels we were forced to read in high school, "1984" and "Brave New World" (somewhere there's a great irony in my feeling this way).

    Anyway, Illich, even though he was an academician, became a great human rights advocate and champion of the poor and downtrodden all around the world. This great work of his should be read by anyone who believes in truth and freedom.

    5-0 out of 5 stars These 120 pages will alter your perceptions
    I read this book 10 years ago and still find myself thinking about it.

    If you're looking for material that will justify your worst suspicions as to the actual effectiveness of modern schooling while inspiring in you adesire for change, you're on the right track.But be warned.This book isfar more than an essay on the failings of our educational system.

    Education is merely the author's proving ground for one simple premise:it is the nature of the institution to produce the opposite of itself. This basic paradigm may be applied to any institutionalized need.You'llfind yourself analyzing the role of healthcare in well-being, financialservices in prosperity, the food industry in nutrition, and so on...

    Findthis book and buy it. ... Read more

    Isbn: 0714508799
    Sales Rank: 41636
    Subjects:  1. Sociology    2. Sociology - Social Theory   


    Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling
    by Perseus Publishing
    Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Paperback (15 April, 2003)
    list price: $18.95 -- our price: $12.89
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France
    Reviews (2)

    5-0 out of 5 stars How People Learn
    Do you remember what they taught you at school? Me neither. I learned to read very early on, mostly at home, and I still remember some math, but only because I balance my checkbook and know when I'm getting correct change at the market. All those years, isolated from the real world in the artificial environment of school, sitting at a desk all day with 30 of my same age peers, how was I to learn about what an actual life in the world is like, or about what I wanted to do with mine? I remember learning to take tests. Now I never take them. A lot of it was pleasant enough, some of it was not, most of it was boring, and somehow I never noticed that I was mostly wasting my time.

    Now I know better having read John Holt, a sweet, caring man and a wonderful writer. He's radical, but he never rants. He persuades, gently, eloquently. He learns through years of careful, loving observation and by trial and error and he shares that with you in a way that makes it seem as though he's one of your oldest, most comfortable friends. He reminds you of what you went through in school. He makes sense. He's fun to read. And you know he's right as you read him, because we have all gone to school.

    5-0 out of 5 stars A treatise from the "granddaddy" of homeschooling
    In this unofficial treatise for the homeschooling movement, John Holt, longtime private school teacher, maintains that the traditional classroom model no longer works and may, in fact, ruin kids for learning. He exhortsparents to challenge the conventional wisdom and be their children'steachers. You don't need to be a homeschooler to benefit from Holt's books;you simply need to care about children and education and to have uttered,if only once, "There's got to be a better way." ... Read more

    Isbn: 0738206946
    Sales Rank: 62301
    Subjects:  1. Education    2. Education / Teaching    3. Home Schooling    4. Parenting - General    5. Parenting & Childcare   


    Patch Adams - Collector's Edition
    by Universal Studios
    Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars
    DVD (08 February, 2005)
    list price: $12.98 -- our price: $9.74
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Patch Adams raises two schools of thought: There are those whoare inspired by the true story of a troubled man who finds happiness in helping others--a man set on changing the world and who may well accomplish the task. And then there are those who feel manipulated by this feel-good story, who want to smack the young medical student every time he begins his silly antics.

    Staving off suicidal thoughts, Hunter Adams commits himself into a psychiatric ward, where he not only garners the nickname "Patch," but learns the joy in helping others. To this end, he decides to go to medical school, where he clashes with the staid conventions of the establishment as he attempts to inject humor and humanity into his treatment of the patients ("We need to start treating the patient as well as the disease," he declares throughout the film).Robin Williams, in the title role, is as charming as ever, although someone should tell him to broaden his range--the ever-cheerful do-gooder à la Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society is getting a little old.His sidekick Truman (Daniel London) steals the show with his gawky allure and eyebrows that threaten to overtake his lean face--he seems more real, which is odd considering that Patch Adams does exist and this film is based on his life. Monica Potter is the coolly reluctant love interest, and she makes the most of her one-dimensional part. While moments of true heartfelt emotion do come through, the major flaw of this film is that the good guys are just so gosh-darn good and the bad ones are just big meanies with no character development. Patch Adams, though, does provide the tears, the giggles, and the kooky folks who will keep you smiling at the end. --Jenny Brown ... Read more


    • Color
    • Closed-captioned
    • Widescreen
    • Dolby
    • Collector's Edition
    Reviews (199)

    1-0 out of 5 stars Patch Awful
    People were hung at Nuremburg for less than this crime against humanity. I found it addictively appalling, in its cringingly predictable and patronising plot, script, music and Robin Williams playing his usual so-brilliant-he's-nearly-insane-but-wacky-and-all-too-humane schtick.
    And then the only fit woman gets murdered and it's all over ickily washed over in about 5 minutes, while Adams gets off a medicine-no-licence rap (aside from theft of hospital supplies) with some illogical rant to the gallery. Evil that got one star off me only so I could post it.

    5-0 out of 5 stars When i Grow "Older", I want to be like Patch Adams..
    This is sort of a "balancer" film and dvd for me. very enlightening and affective. beyond profits and professions, this film was produced mainly to honor the real Patch Adams. as a dvd collector, i have realized that this expensive hobby puts me in a higher place to be educated, not merely to be entertained.a singular blessed act of compassion, though minute, may and might make this world a better place. <--- every dreamer's dream.this film forced me to realize that people who can buy nice things (that) cost money (from Schindler's List), should continue to help and help and help and help.. especially in the midst of crisis and societal imbalance. no second thoughts or opinions about this film, its transfer or its release.


    5-0 out of 5 stars Not so sure like
    Well Patch Adams wasn't what i expected it was well funny. Too be honest Patch is well a bit wierd and he like hangs around dying people and jokes around. I mean if he was around and one of my relatives was dying i'd tell him where to go. People think it's sad and i suppose it is ut the 5 stars are for comedy value Robin Williams chat up lines and jokes are so bad there funny ... Read more

    Asin: B00000IQV7
    Subjects:  1. Feature Film-comedy   


    JVC HANC100 Noise Cancelling Headphones
    list price: $149.99 -- our price: $49.95
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Full Adjustable Headband
    • Folding design
    • Retractable Cord system
    • 36mm Driver
    • 75% Noise reduction

    Asin: B0000U19F0
    Sales Rank: 619
    Subjects:  1. Headphones    2. Accessories (Accesssory)    3. Headphones (Headphone, Head Phones, Phone)   


    Samsung DVD-L1200 12" Portable DVD Player
    by SAMSUNG
    list price: $1,199.99 -- our price: $999.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Early Adopters Pick: November 2003. The world's first portable DVD player with a 12-inch LCD screen.

    Pushing the limits of portability, Samsung's widescreen DVD-L1200 DVD player manages to pack a laptop-rivaling 12-inch TFT LCD screen into a chassis standing a mere inch high when folded. Enjoy the best of your movies, music, and digital photography through the player's multiformat playback abilities, including MP3 and JPEG image CD-Rs and CD-RWs as well as standard DVD-Videos, DVD-Rs, and commercial CDs.

    The whole family can listen, too, through either the unit's inline stereo speakers or its generous three .125-inch headphone jacks. Spatializer virtual surround simulates enveloping sound effects through two channels, and motion zoom allows extreme magnification of selected screen areas, without distortion, even while a movie is playing.

    The screen displays discs using 480p progressive scanning (named for the number of horizontal lines that compose the video image), creating a high-resolution picture with sharper images and fewer motion artifacts than conventional portables.

    Other great features include screen inversion, which flips the widescreen picture vertically so you can mount the player upside down, as in a kitchen or an RV, and Samsung's Smart Screen Brightness Control, which monitors ambient light and adjusts the LCD's backlight accordingly to improve clarity and contrast and extended your battery life. The unit's rugged disc bay ensures that the show goes on no matter how you position the player.

    Composite- and S-video outputs let you hook the player up with your home television, while its coaxial digital-audio output will channel discrete, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound to a range of audio/video receivers and surround speaker setups. For extra convenience, the AV output doubles as a switchable AV input, letting you hook up a camcorder or gaming device for portable big-screen viewing.

    What's in the Box
    DVD player, battery pack (affixes to back of player), AC adapter, power cord, credit-card remote control, remote battery, composite- and S-video interconnect cables, stereo analog audio interconnect, user's manual, and warranty information. ... Read more


    • Includes rechargeable battery and credit-card remote control
    • 12.1-inch high-resolution TFT LCD screen with progressive-scan display
    • Extremely thin design--approximately 1-inch thick for easy transport
    • 3 headphone jacks let the whole family listen; plays DVD-R, picture CD and MP3-encoded CD
    • Widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) format matches your favorite DVDs

    Asin: B0000SWAFK
    Subjects:  1. personal, travel, movie, disc, disk    2. dvl1200, dv-l1200,    3. Portable Digital Versatile Disc Player (Personal DVD)    4. dvdl1200, 1200, dvd1200, dvd-1200    5. l1200, dvd-12, dvd-l12, dvdl12, 12 inch    6. dvd-l120, dvdl120, dvd120, dvd-120   


    Panasonic SVAV100 D-Snap MPEG4 Digital Video Recorder w/10x Optical Zoom
    by Panasonic
    list price: $999.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Includes 512MB SD memory card and remote control
    • Rechargable battery provides up to an hour of video recording time
    • Pocket-sized MPEG-2/MPEG-4 SD video camera and 2-megapixel still camera--weighs just .34 pounds
    • 10:1 optical zoom lens with 25x digital zoom and super image stabilizer
    • 2.5-inch LCD rotates a full, 270 degrees

    Asin: B0000DCXJJ
    Sales Rank: 1313
    Subjects:  1. Camcorder (Camcorders)   

    SmartDisk Flash Trax FTX80 80 GB MP3 Player and CF Recorder
    by SmartDisk
    list price: $549.99 -- our price: $495.89
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Listen to MP3 music
    • Transfer files to your computer via USB 2.0 or 1.1 interface
    • Transfer digital pictures from CompactFlash, IBM Microdrive, and other flash media formats via separately sold adapter
    • Store and watch video with audio soundtrack
    • View pictures on integrated 3.5 color LCD, or on the nearest NTSC or PAL TV with included video cable and infrared remote control

    Asin: B0000T71SA
    Sales Rank: 16057
    Subjects:  1. Digital Camera (Cameras)    2. CPU Upgrade Card (Cards, Upgrades)    3. Portable Audio    4. MP3 MP 3 Player    5. Jukebox    6. MP3 Player (MP 3)    7. Gigabyte    8. 10GB    9. 10 GB   


    Sony Clie PEG-UX50 Handheld
    Electronics (12 September, 2003)
    list price: $649.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France


    • Built-in QWERTY-layout wide-pitch keyboard with backlight
    • What's in the box: Clie handheld, Charger Cradle, USB HotSync Cable, Retractable Stylus, AC Adapter,Hand Strap, Installation CD-ROM, Instruction manuals
    • A new concept in handhelds: an extremely portable personal entertainment communicator
    • 6 oz. with stylus
    • Integrated wireless LAN (802.11b) and Bluetooth interface

    Asin: B0000AQFZ9
    Sales Rank: 8284
    Subjects:  1. Portable Audio    2. MP3 MP 3 Player   

    Sony Clie PEG-NX70V (Silver) Handheld
    list price: $499.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    The Palm-powered PEG-NX70V Clié handheld comes equipped with a built-in digital camera (310,000 effective pixels) for taking digital pictures and video. The camera resolution has been improved to 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) with an option to save the images on Memory Stick media in JPEG format. Furthermore, the PEG-NX70V will record and play back video (MPEG-4) and store it on Memory Stick media.

    The PEG-NX70V is equipped with a wireless communication slot for adding an optional wireless LAN (802.11b) card. Browse the Web, check e-mails, and synchronize data wirelessly with your PC via wireless local area network (LAN access point sold separately and Internet service provider required).

    The PEG-NX70V features high resolution on its 320 x 480 pixel backlit color display, which can display over 65,000 colors.

    Operating System
    The Sony Clié PEG-NX70V is powered by Palm OS 5.0 for more processing power, multimedia features, wireless connectivity, and higher security than OS 4.1.

    Extra Software
    The PEG-NX70V comes with the following Sony software: Audio Player, Clié Album, Clié Camera, Clié Mail, Clié Memo, Clié Remote Commander, Clié Viewer, Flash Player 5, Image Converter 2 1.0 (for PC), Memory Stick Backup, Memory Stick Export 1.1 (for PC), Memory Stick Files, Memory Stick Import, Movie Player, Movie Recorder, PictureGear Studio (for PC), PhotoStand, Photo Editor, SonicStage LE 1.5 (for PC), Sound Converter 1.0 (for PC), Sound Utility, Voice Recorder, and World Alarm Clock

    The Sony Clié PEG-NX70V is compatible with Windows 98 SE, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home, and XP Professional editions.

    In the Box
    The Sony Clié PEG-NX70V comes with a USB HotSync cradle, stylus, AC Adapter, stereo headphones, remote controller, plug adapter, plug adapter attachment, hand strap, installation CD-ROM, beginner's guide, add-on application guide, End User License Agreement, Graffiti sticker, and limited-warranty statement. ... Read more


    • High-resolution TFT color display (320 x 480 pixels)
    • 16 MB of RAM, 16 MB of ROM, Memory Stick expansion slot
    • What's in the box: PEG-NX70V, USB HotSync cradle, stylus, AC Adapter, stereo headphones, remote controller, plug adapter, plug adapter attachment, hand strap, installation CD-ROM, beginner's guide
    • Built-in digital camera (310,000 effective pixels)
    • Integrated wireless communication slot

    Asin: B00006RSJ1
    Subjects:  1. Portable Audio    2. MP3 MP 3 Player   

    D-Link DVC-1000 I2EYE Broadband Videophone
    by D-Link
    Electronics (24 January, 2003)
    list price: $189.99 -- our price: $188.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    The D-Link DVC-1000 i2eye videophone introduces the world of videoconferencing over the Internet, bringing you and your family, friends, and colleagues together. Because the DVC-1000 i2eye videophone is a standalone device, you do not need a computer to videoconference over the Internet.

    The previously complicated process of conducting a videoconference is simplified with the DVC-1000. Connect a standard telephone and a television to the DVC-1000, plug in a standard Ethernet network cable connected to your broadband Internet connection, and you are ready to conduct real-time videoconferencing.

    Using advanced video compression technology, the DVC-1000 videophone maximizes image and audio quality within the available bandwidth. The DVC-1000 can send and receive video at up to a full 30 frames per second. It is an ideal solution for consumers and small businesses with high-speed Internet access.

    Easy-to-use setup wizards guide you step-by-step through the setup of the DVC-1000 videophone. You can be up and working in minutes. With the DVC-1000 it is easy to make changes to personalize your videoconferencing display.

    The remote control that is included with the DVC-1000 allows you to easily answer an incoming videophone call or initiate a new one. The built-in caller ID provides privacy protection. You can know who is calling before you answer.

    Be there real-time, anytime. You won't miss important communication with your friends, family, and colleagues with the i2eye DVC-1000 videophone. ... Read more


    • No PC required; remote control for easy operation
    • Audio/video privacy protection with built-in caller ID
    • Works with your existing broadband internet service
    • Connects to an ordinary telephone and TV
    • Picture-in-picture or full screen view

    Asin: B000088NO4
    Subjects:  1. Phones (Telephones)    2. Videophone (Video)    3. Email Appliances (Appliance)    4. Line-sharing (Line Sharing)   


    Grundig FR200 Emergency Radio
    by Grundig
    list price: $49.99 -- our price: $39.99
    (price subject to change: see help)
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Stay prepared and informed with the FR 200 from Grundig. If the power goes out and batteries aren't available, the FR 200 can function for up to an hour with only one minute of hand cranking. Its built-in generator means that even in the most desperate situations, you'll still have access to local news and information--as well as to news from around the world. The unit's four-band tuning receives AM, FM, SW1 (shortwave 1), and SW2 stations, and an included rechargeable battery pack provides reliable, renewable, internal power for everyday use.

    The radio houses a 2.5-inch speaker. A .125-inch stereo headphone jack affords private listening, a built-in touch light comes in handy during lights-out emergencies, and you can dial in hard-to-tune stations with the unit's dedicated fine-tuning knob. A 4.5V DC jack allows an external power connection (power adapter not included).

    A 360-degree telescope antenna provides the best radio signal for FM and SW, while a built-in AM antenna provides high sensitivity for AM reception. The FR 200 can run on three LR6 or AA batteries. ... Read more


    • Includes stereo headphone jack, FM/AM antennas; uses 3 LR6 or AA batteries
    • 4-band tuning (receives AM, FM, SW1, and SW2 stations)
    • Built-in power generator lets you "crank up" the radio and listen to under emergency conditions
    • Built-in touch light takes the place of candles
    • Rechargeable battery pack provides reliable, renewable, internal power for everyday use

    Asin: B000083CUA
    Subjects:  1. Portable Shortwave Radio (Personal)    2. Portable AMFM Radio (Personal AM-FM)    3. Weather Radio (Radios)    4. Accessories (Accessory)   


    Astonica 50402046 Sunergy White Cornerstone Solar Lights (10-Pack)
    by Astonica
    Lawn & Patio
    list price: $140.00
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Ideal for decoratively lighting a walkway, driveway, garden, orpatio, the 10 outdoor lights in this landscape-lighting kit use solarpanels to charge their batteries during the day and sensors toautomatically turn on the bright white LED lamps at dusk. That means nowiring and quick and easy installation. A day of normal sunlight on thelamps' solar panels charge their AA Ni-Cid batteries (included andinstalled) sufficiently for 8 to 10 hours of lighting. (The batteriescan be replaced in the unlikely event they fail.) The lamps arrivefully assembled, ready to be connected to their spikes for driving intothe ground. Each 5-inch-diameter lamp also comes with two extendersthat connect to the spikes so the lamps can be raised as high as 17inches off the ground. Sturdy and weather-resistant, the lights haveswitches to deactivate the sensors so the lights can be manually turnedon or left off. They carry a two-year warranty against defects.--Fred Brack ... Read more


    • Each light 5 inches in diameter and up to 17 inches high (with both extenders)
    • 10 solar-powered outdoor lights charge by day, light automatically at dusk
    • Perfect for walkways, driveways, gardens, patios
    • Fully assembled lamps, with spikes and stake extenders for quick installation
    • Normal sunlight charges AA Ni-Cid batteries (included) for 8-10 hours lighting

    Asin: B000066RVM
    Subjects:  1. Outdoor Lighting    2. Landscape Lighting    3. Lights    4. Gardens   

    Sony VAIO PCG-Z1RA Notebook PC (1.50-GHz Pentium-M (Centrino), 512 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive)
    Personal Computers
    list price: $2,399.99
    US | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France

    Editorial Review

    Taking full advantage of Intel's just released Centrino notebook technology, the Sony VAIO PCG-Z1RA Notebook PC is an efficient and extremely compact mobile computer designed to maximize your productivity.

    Don't let the seemingly average clock speed of the unit's 1.5 GHz Intel Pentium M Centrino-based processor fool you. Centrino technology offers several advantages over traditional notebooks, including embedded wireless support, reduced power consumption and an astonishing 1 MB of integrated Level 2 cache for improved multitasking and performance over similar speed non-Centrino units. Sony has paired this processor with an adequate 256 MB RAM and a 16 MB ATI Mobility Radeon graphics chip. Although this setup is not ideal for complex animation and 3-D graphics design or 3-D games, it's well suited to standard mobile computing tasks and multitasking.

    The VAIO PCG-Z1RA Notebook offers lots of options and plenty of room for program and file management, including a 40 GB hard drive and a convenient internal removable DVD/CD-RW combo drive through which you can burn and play audio CDs, archive data and enjoy movies on the unit's 14.1-inch XGA TFT display (1024 x 768 maximum resolution). DVD burning is not supported in this stock configuration.

    Stylish and rugged, the VAIO PCG-Z1RA is also remarkably portable at just 12.4 by 9.7 by 1.5 inches and a scant 4.7 pounds. Connectivity options include two ultra-fast USB 2.0 ports for plug and play peripherals, a high-speed IEEE 1394 FireWire port for fast data transfer from devices such as digital camcorders, an RJ-45 Ethernet LAN connection, an integrated V.90 modem and embedded 802.11b wireless networking.

    The system also features an 83-key keyboard with two programmable buttons and electrostatic touchpad, one PC card slot and one Memory Stick slot. Battery life is estimated at 2.5 to 6.5 hours (standard cell) and 5.5 to 12.5 with a double-capacity cell. ... Read more

    Asin: B00009XUWB
    Subjects:  1. Notebooks (Note Books)    2. Notebook Computers    3. Laptops (Lap Tops)   

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